Tampa Area Obstacle Course & Ninja Warrior Training Guide

Obstacle course racing is a sport that requires an individual or team of competitors to overcome a variety of physical challenges. The course may consist primarily of obstacles in the case of a ninja warrior event or combine mud and trail runs as part of a cross-country competition. Obstacle courses incorporate obstructions similar to those used in military training and may include traversing bodies of water, climbing walls and crawling under barbed wire. The obstacles are situated throughout the course to test speed, endurance, dexterity and strength. The races vary in length and difficulty.

Why It Is So Popular Today

Initially staged in 1987, the Tough Guy Challenge was one the first events to incorporate military-type obstacles into a cross-country running event. According to the Los Angeles Times, the number of these types of competitions has grown steadily over the years. While approximately one million Americans participated in obstacle course races in 2011, the number has grown to over six million in 2017. Governing bodies are attempting to have obstacle course type events included in upcoming Olympic Games. The popularity of the sport is fueled by shows like “American Ninja Warrior,” which is patterned after the Japanese television program “Sasuke.” Airing for over a decade, these shows are broadcast in more than 150 countries around the world. As a result, gyms with ninja-style obstacle courses are opening around the country, including in the Tampa area.

Why It Is Different From Triathlons

A triathlon is a multi-stage competition involving three sequential and continuous endurance disciplines. The typical event includes swimming, cycling and running over various distances under a variety of conditions. While one triathlon competition may involve road cycling and racing, another could encompass cross-country running and mountain biking. The competition requires two transitions from one discipline to another and is free of obstacles.

Also taking place over various distances, ninja warrior courses require transitioning from one discipline to another several times as competitors try to negotiate the different obstacles. Ninja-style and obstacle course events do not incorporate open water swimming or cycling of any kind.

Types of Training Facilities near Tampa

You can check a wide range of adrenaline-pumping thrills off your list in the Tampa area at one of several indoor and outdoor training facilities. Participants can experience the fun of overcoming obstacle courses, racing against the clock and becoming more fit and mentally focused. It is possible to navigate the course alone or with family members, friends or co-workers. Adventure sport centers often have courses for customers of all ages and abilities.

While fun is important, safety is always the top priority. The guides have extensive training to ensure that they understand the equipment and how to safely assist a guest at any point during his or her adventure should the need arise. Guests receive 30 minutes of training before beginning their adventure that includes an instructional video, hands on training with the safety gear and the need to successfully complete a practice course under the direct supervision of a guide.

Tree-Top Adventure Parks

TreeUmph! provides a wilderness-type adventure experience with different courses based on the climber’s ability. Each course consists of multiple platforms connected by a variety of bridges, cargo nets, rope swings, tunnels and zip lines. Our aerial adventure parks provide the opportunity to climb, swing, and soar through the trees like Tarzan. A treetop canopy tour is a unique way for the entire family to commune with nature, try ninja warrior type challenges while enjoying spectacular views. TreeUmph! offers thrills, excitement and dynamic outdoor recreation in an environmentally conscious and safe manner. For those warriors in training TreeUmph! courses start easier for minimal to moderate challenge level and progresses to extreme, to challenge the fittest of the fit. There is no need to complete them all, but we challenge you to achieve your personal best.

Indoor Ninja Gyms

These gyms like Evo Ninja Warrior in Sarasota, FL offer obstacle courses and training classes. Customers can use the facility to build strength and stamina or have fun unleashing their inner ninja. Members can utilize the gym to train and prepare for competitive events. Obstacles usually include the warped wall and salmon ladder.

Rock Climbing Walls

These indoor facilities have become increasingly popular over the past several years. The artificial structures enable you to enjoy the thrill of rock climbing without facing harsh weather conditions. Indoor climbing walls can mimic the experience of outdoor rock climbing, including places to attach belay ropes. The walls provide an introduction to the sport of rock climbing in a safe, controlled environment. They may have cracks and overhangs that can be used to practice bouldering and lead climbing. Vertical Ventures has 2 such facilities in the Tampa area.

Mud Runs

Individuals looking for an alternative to treadmills or typical paved roads should consider Mud Endeavor and Savages races. The excitement of a heart-pounding adrenaline-fueled mud run. Typically ranging from 3 to 10 miles, the cross-country run incorporates a number of obstacles designed to impede normal running. The obstacles may include climbing over fences, rope climbs, monkey bars and crawling beneath wire through pools of mud. While these runs require some aerobic fitness, upper body strength and agility, they are generally open to everyone, including weekend warriors, serious athletes and couch potatoes just out for some dirty fun.

Whatever type of obstacle course, ninja training or extreme sport you are interested in, there is a Tampa-area gym or adventure park designed to meet your needs. Learn more about TreeUmph! Adventure Courses by viewing our photo and videos.