Visiting Tampa? TreeTop Adventures Are A Must!


People are always looking for new ways to have a good time. As a result, ziplining and treetop adventures are gaining in popularity. These thrilling outdoor activities are easy ways to add excitement to a vacation itinerary when visiting the Tampa Bay area. We understand that it may seem intimidating, but we encourage you to try it at least once. Before you reach the end of your first ride, you will be bitten by the ziplining bug. The following are just a few reasons you should add treetop adventures to your bucket list.

Conquer your fear of heights.

If you typically avoid heights or consider yourself reserved, these activities are great opportunities to break out of your shell and channel your inner thrill seeker. The adventure courses start lower to the ground and gradually move you to new heights. The focus placed on the activities will have you forgetting you are even off the ground. These are safe ways to conquer your fear of heights while broadening your horizon. Any apprehension you may have felt will disappear as you feel the wind in your hair. This exhilarating activity is completely safe. Along with professional guides to provide support along the way, other safeguards include a body harness, state of the art connecting clips, engineered cables, platforms and safety lines that are inspected regularly. You will also receive training that shows how sturdy the equipment is. Even if you decide that you never want to ride or adventure in this way again, the feeling of overcoming your fear and the confidence that you build from your experience will last forever.

Test your physical limits

Treetop adventuring is a great way for you to challenge yourself in a fun, noncompetitive way. With several courses, you can complete the those that match your ability. You can test your physical limits or enjoy a great outdoor activity without the sweat and aching muscles. No specific level of physical fitness is required. Courses are designed to make the adventure accessible to everyone. As you build endurance, to make the adventure more exciting, you can enjoy other challenging courses that are built for serious athletes. Ziplining and treetop adventure courses are an easy way to include some exercise while on vacation. You will be so busy having fun that you will not realize you are burning calories.

Experience views usually only visible to birds

Long before the Wright Brothers made history at Kitty Hawk, humans have been obsessed with flight. Stories from antiquity to modern times describe the quest to experience the sensation of flying across the sky. A zipline enables you to soar across treetops so that you can fulfill the dream of flying like a bird. There is nothing like experiencing a bird’s-eye-view of the scenic Florida unfolding beneath you while suspended from a zipline. An unobstructed view of the horizon enables you to see the world from a different point of view, which can give you a new appreciation for nature. After experiencing the amazing views along the 650-foot-long zip line suspended up to 60 feet in the air, you can combine the images with the close-up scenery for a matchless perspective.

A unique way to enjoy the outdoors with a kick

If you are tired of the same old activities, ziplining and treetop adventure courses are an adrenaline-pumping experience that can bring people together. There is nothing like the exciting rush that you will feel as you move through the course above the treetops. You can imagine yourself stepping into a Tarzan adventure story as you take an aerial trek on the wild side. Try it

out with friends and family looking for a thrilling out-of-the-ordinary activity. This adventurous experience can make for a memorable date, family outing or team building exercise when visiting the Tampa Bay area. Not many people have the opportunity to get outside and challenge themselves while they play. Adventures like these are a perfect way to add a kick to your outdoor enjoyment.

Build your strength up with an annual pass

If one visit is not enough, purchase an annual pass to save on additional adventures. You can enjoy the experience throughout the year. Cardiovascular activities help keep your heart in shape. Use the adventure course as your new gym with the benefit of enjoying the outdoors while you work out. The fresh air, the climbing and working through the course increase heart rate and build muscles strength. This fun activity releases endorphins that help reduce stress. The sense of accomplishment will improve your self-esteem. Treetop adventuring is a total mind, body and soul experience. As you gain strength and confidence, you can participate in more challenging courses. An annual pass will help keep these benefits flowing.

Whether you are a thrill seeker or just looking for a little more adventure, zipping and climbing through a dense forest of trees and getting in harmony with nature is for you. Steel cables, pulleys, specialized connecting devices and harnesses give you an exciting safe adventure as you enjoy a bird’s-eye-view while soaring over the lush scenic terrain. Our highly trained staff will ensure that you have the thrill of a lifetime as you defy gravity. Awaken your spirit of adventure with this unforgettable experience.