(Weeki Wachee)



(Weeki Wachee)

Zip, Climb, Swing and Soar
In Our Brooksville Playground

How do almost 40 acres and a whopping 130 adventure games sound? Does it get your heart racing in anticipation of that first moment when you cross the first footbridge or wrestle with some tricky swinging logs? Who said FUN doesn’t grow on trees!


TreeUmph! Courses

Here is your menu for the tastiest adventure courses you’ll find anywhere! Whether you prefer a milder, easy-going experience or a full-tilt, intense workout 60 feet in the air, there is definitely something awesome waiting for you at either of our two locations!


1. Climb On


This is your primer for learning how to tackle the treetops if the last time you climbed a tree was to get your cat out of it. This course is minimally elevated with 15 elements and is set beneath a canopy of Live Oak and Pine forest. Games include a snake foot bridge, swinging logs, a timber passage and two low speed zip lines. After getting trained up by our awesome team, you’ll be leaping tall trees in a single bound! 

2. Scramble


This course is a notch above (literally, as well) and requires a little more “umph” in your Treeumph! You can do this! Moderate skill levels thrive here with challenges such as hanging barrels, a V net bridge, the Oregon Trail bridge and much more! Test your balance on cable walkways and 18 different elements! 


3. Ascend


You’ll be closer to the clouds on this one but the fun factor is also cranked way up! This is the ultimate way to prepare for our more advanced challenges. Tackle 26 different elements including footbridges, suspended logs, hanging ladders, a labyrinth and four zip lines. Get ready for a lot of Tarzan-style swinging and leaping!

4. Lead


Only the best climbers can lead. The Lead Course is your chance to shine. It’s about you, at advanced elevations and on the most advanced of elevated aerial obstacles. Lead the way through the jungle tracks, the Boler Mountain bridge, a series of 5 Gladiator nets and 7 other long and difficult challenges. You lead; others follow for the chance to Summit!


5. Summit


This is Advanced Placement Climbing! - The peak of our efforts to bring you a jaw-dropping adventure course to beat them all! We threw everything but the kitchen sink at this course! Come to think of it, there actually might be a kitchen sink up there. There are cargo nets, Xtra long logs, Man Makers, swinging rings, monkey bars and three high-elevation zip lines! Working up a sweat yet?

6. Triumph Zip Line


No matter whether you shredded every challenge in your path or if you just gave all you could give, bask in your glory, intrepid traveler, because you’ve earned it! As a reward, we’ll give you a lift back to camp in style with an invigorating ride on Triumph, our 50 ft. tall, 475 ft. long zipline. Enjoy the fast-moving scenery as the wind cools you off after a job well done! 

7. Little Ninja

Intensity: Easy to Hard (Ground Based Courses)
Ages 5 - 8

An exclusive feature that can be found only at TreeUmph! in Brooksville is the Little Ninja Course, a ninja warrior style course that brings all the fun and replicas of obstacles found on the treetop adventure to the ground for climbers ages 5 to 8-years-old. The Little Ninja course challenges children to test their ninja skills on the Z bridge and ninja slants. They squirm through the hanging barrels and traverse the 64 ft rock walls. That’s not all, with a total of 34 unique elements and varying degrees of difficulty, Little Ninjas do it all. After their climbing is done they sit back and enjoy three rides down their very own zipline!


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